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Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum

Project Year



Minneapolis, Minnesota


MA Mortenson Construction


HGA Architects


  • 2012 Marble Institute of America Award of Excellence


The Lakewood Garden Mausoleum is located in the most prestigious cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The cemetery's prominence and existing architecture required that the new facility make a statement consistent with the rich history of the Lakewood Cemetery.  To that end the new facility was designed incorporating the use of stone in many of the elements.The interior committal space is clad with Alabama White marble wall and floor panels with accents of Nero Marquina, Honey, red and green onyx.The tolerances for the committal space elements required precise layout and piece sizing.  This was accomplished through exhaustive submittal and review of detailed shop drawings that required strict coordination between many trades.All stone elements were specified with very tight color ranges including the amount and coloration of the veining in the Alabama White material.  When a question arose about the amount and coloration of the allowable veining the standard reply was, “soft muted grey veining.”  This requirement could only be met by taking several trips to the fabrication plant and reviewing each prepared slab before cutting.  The slabs were marked for piece numbers and placement in the building, cut, and shipped to the site.The attention to detail assured that the new Garden Mausoleum would blend into the pastoral beauty of the cemetery’s historic landscape and find its place among the rich heritage of the Lakewood Cemetery.

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